Rites of passage with Cacao

When I was first invited by the Cacao Spirit to drink Cacao, I found myself in a special process of discovery. As a new mother of twins, with nomadic blood, as I lovingly call my longing to be on the move and discover new things, I was at a point in my life where I had to commit to serious changes.

I was now no longer free to travel and free to go about my day. I had not been prepared for this and it shows me how important and valuable it is to make this transition (Rite de Passage) from a Free Woman to a (Free) Mother! At that time I was not so aware of it. When I was 5 months pregnant, I had just come back to Germany from New Zealand. But that is another story...

The finding process I am talking about was when my children were 3 years old. I went on another quest to find myself and my role in the world as a mother. Exactly at that time, I was invited to my first Cacao Ceremony. Since then, I have been drinking cacao regularly and understand why it is drunk in other cultures in special rites of passage.

There are traditions that report that cacao was and sometimes still is given in wedding ceremonies, in transition ceremonies to becoming a mother, in ceremonies around relationships and in death rituals. Cacao is a wonderful companion. A loving ally that strengthens and nourishes, with love and confidence, with trust and hope.

Cacao vessel from the Maya period (Chocolate Museum Cologne / Vildan Weckbach)

Cacao in the birth process

In my second Cacao-Dieta (shamanic practice to intensively meet and be accompanied by a plant being) Cacao gave me images of a birth process. The expectant mother drank Cacao shortly before the birth and immediately afterwards to strengthen her. And indeed, a few weeks later I read about it still being an important postpartum food in parts of Guatemala, as Cacao is said to stimulate milk poduction and strengthen the mother overall. I also read about cacao being given to mothers just before delivery to speed up the birth process.

Cacao during pregnancy

Pregnant women have always come to my Cacao ceremonies. I leave it up to them to decide for themselves, to feel what they need. Sometimes they drink a little cacao, sometimes a whole cup. I also had a very pregnant woman with me shortly before her due date who drank 2 cups. Some women have real cravings for cacao. It is always important, whether pregnant or not, to listen carefully, to feel what our body needs. With a little practice, it becomes easier and easier to classify the signals, which can often be unmistakable. But especially during pregnancy, women have a very strong intuition and clear body signals. They just need to regain their self-confidence. A good midwife and preparation for becoming a mother is worth its weight in gold.

Some women report that they were able to establish very loving contact with the child in a cacao ceremony. I also heard this from a woman who was actually not at all satisfied with her pregnancy and found it difficult to get involved in becoming a mother again. She said it helped her a lot to accept the child.

In these times, I see great potential in working with the Cacao Spirit to face life's changes with hope and confidence. To meet each other on a heart level and to accept the differences. To feel understanding for each other and to deeply reconnect with nature. To let our hearts speak and vibrate higher. To draw strength and nourish the love of the self.


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