In these lines I would like to share my own experiences with Ritual Cacao, which have been confirmed by many people, as well as a little background knowledge about the differences between cacao and its effects on body and soul. (See below for references)

Cacao and its "spirit

Cacao is a powerful (also subtle) healing plant and has a beautiful medicine to give. It is a true connector, comforter and supporter. Gently it shows us how to let our hearts speak, how to (re)connect with ourselves and our environment. We are not cut off from each other. We are not different from others.

We are beings, all together and have our hearts to understand one another. To sit around the fire and share stories. To support us all together in becoming and growing. In difficult phases in life it can give hold and show how we can give hold to ourselves and others. As we hear with our hearts, peacefully and emphatically. Sometimes it also shows how easy life can be - playful and creative, like the healthy world of our children. Just beeing the way we are. With everything we have.

I am always moved by this plant and incredibly grateful that we have the opportunity to receive its medicine all over the world. Thankful for our ancestors who guarded and passed on this knowledge of the healing power of cacao. Grateful for the people who put their energy into the cultivation, harvest and processing. May we, with our loving care, prayers and rituals, appreciate what we have on this earth so that beautiful things can be multiplied.

What exactly is the difference to conventional cacao?

Ceremonial cacao differs from conventional chocolate you find in supermarkets in terms of  type, cultivation, processing, texture and effect. The cultivation takes place in small mixed crop plantations instead of monocultures. The trees of the ritual cacao are grown organically and traded fairly. The beans are usually gently fermented in the air. Conventional chocolate is strongly heated and defatted, whereas ritual cacao is gently ground, so that all ingredients (vitamins, minerals, cacao butter, etc.) are retained so that all the wonderful, natural raw food qualities, with everything it has to offer can stay in the cacao. This is of course noticeable in the taste and in the effect!

Cacao - superfood for body and soul

It is not for nothing that Theobroma Cacao is called “food of the gods”. It is a real feast for body and soul. This is shown by my own experience and various studies.

The effect of the ceremonial cacao is unique! It is not for nothing that this cacao is also called Theobroma Cacao - translated: ´food of the gods´. Cacao is rich in antioxidants and stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These hormones are responsible for how we feel. Serotonin, for example, is known as the happiness hormone. Cacao also stimulates the libido and has an aphrodisiac effect.

Anandamide was also found in cacao beans. The name anandamid is derived from the Sanskrit ananda, "bliss". This substance binds to the THC receptor in the brain and is the natural THC analog that occurs in the body.

Cacao contains numerous minerals. Magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, chromium, potassium and vitamin E are particularly worth mentioning because these are contained in relevant quantities.

Cacao has a diuretic, anti-inflammatory effect and promotes blood circulation, as the theobromine it contains dilates the blood vessels so that more oxygen can be transported through our body, about three times as much. This means that our organs, such as our brain, are better supplied. Together with the flavonoids, cacao has been proven to increase memory and our ability to learn.

Regular cacao consumption, for example, also lowers the risk of stroke and Alzheimer's disease. Cacao can reduce fears and promote our creativity and intuition. It is a psychoactive plant that can help us reach areas of the brain that are more difficult to access in everyday life. Very similar to deep meditation. This can help us to understand better when old memories emerge or we are in transition times. Cacao can help to meet the changes in life with love instead of fear, as its basic energy mediates trust and "being held" .

For me she is a very special teacher and healer, with whom I have been working intensively for some time. It is therefore very important to me to share cacao with other people in circle, connecting from heart to heart, and to give others the opportunity to receive her treasures.